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Dave is proud to endorse and exclusively uses these fine company's products


Check out some of the sites for my friends.


www.moderndrummermagazine.com - The undisputed leader in drum publication.

www.bernardpurdie.com - The man with the golden groove.

www.domfamularo.com - One of the greatest sources of inspiration.

www.rush.com - One of the greatest bands ever.

www.neilpeart.net - A tremendous human being and a wonderful performer.

www.joebergamini.com - A local lad with tons of talent.

www.bose.com - The kind folks here supplied me with my awesome sound system.

www.alternatemode.com - Makers of the best electronic percussion controller on the market.

www.daniel-adair.com - I loved hanging out with Daniel and the boys from Nickelback.

www.nickelback.com - A nod to the other great Canadian band.

www.joe-franciscone.com - To reiterate, my partner in drumming.

www.sabian.com - Sabian Cymbals

www.vicfirth.com - Vic Firth Drumsticks

www.drumfun.com - Makers of the Turn It Up & Lay It Down CDs

www.rhythmtech.com - The best mountable percussion

www.mapexdrums.com - World class drums

www.xlspec.com - Simply the greatest percussion case and marching equipment.

www.thecoll.com - Drummer's Collective in NYC.

www.pas.org - The Percussive Art Society

www.namm.org - A great convention...always a great time!




Here are a few other companies who have been outstanding in their support




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