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Dave is proud to endorse and exclusively uses these fine company's products


Here's the scoop on what Dave is using.

Mapex Saturn Pro Series in Twilight Stardust
I first discovered Mapex while performing at the Nashville New Music Conference in 2002.  When I later heard the board mix I couldn't believe the clarity and response  of the drums combined with the sustain and warmth.  One particular sound company in Atlanta commented on how they were the best sounding drums they have ever heard.
1. 16 x 22" Bass Drum
2. 8 x 10"  Mounted Tom
3. 9 x 12"  Mounted Tom
4. 10 x 14"  Mounted Tom
5. 5 x 14" Snare
6. 5 x 12" Black Panther Snare

Sabian - Brilliant Finish
Sabian has been a company that I've loved ever since I first discovered them in 1993.  I immediately fell in love with their cymbals and replaced my entire set-up.  Their constant dedication to new and interesting products has put them at the top of the cymbal making industry.
1. 14" HHX Evolution Hi-Hats
2. 8" HH Splash
3. 16" AAX Dark Crash
4. 10" HHX Evolution Splash
5. 16" AAX Dark Crash
6. 20" AA Dry Ride
7. 14" AA Regular Hi-Hats
8. 18" AAX Dark Crash
9. 20" AA Chinese

Rhythm Tech
Rhythm Tech was the very first company that I began endorsing.  When I discovered their products I was immediately taken by their practicality.  Mountable percussion is huge for my type of playing.  It keeps interesting textures and colors well within my reach and allows me expand my sound very easily.  Rhythm Tech helps me sound better than I actually am...LOL Thanks Guys!
1. Rhythm Tech Bongos
2. Bar Chimes
3. MGT - (Mountable Gig Tray)
4. Bell Tree, Cocktail Shaker
5. Triangle Mount w/ Triangle
6. Chatterbox
7. DST (Drum Set Tambourine)
8. Scratcher - Mounted Cabasa

Sticks, Brushes, Mallets and Specialty Sticks
Vic Firth

The best drums sticks period.  The care and time that goes into their products is something else.  The variety to choose from is an exciting way to expand your sound.
1. SD9
2. 85A
3. Rutes - 202, 303, 404, 505 & 606
4. Jazz and Heritage Brushes
5. M144 - Bells
6. T2 Cartwheel Mallets

XL Specialty Percussion Cases

I shutter at the thought of what my drums would look like if it wasn't for Protechtor Cases.  The Air Elite Series have saved me from a countless number of catastrophes.  When my drums are packed away in Protechtor...I'm not looking over my shoulder when my drums are being moved...thanks Neal for the piece of mind!

Here are a few other companies who have been outstanding in their support




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