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Dave is proud to endorse and exclusively uses these fine company's products


There are some tremendous resources on the web that enables all of us to improve our craft.  I am including this section separately from my links or lessons pages so it can be dedicated solely to drumming and music education.

Product Spotlight

Turn It Up & Lay It Down ~ Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 & 6.
A great product designed to sharpen your playing skills.


I recommend that everyone start off by spending a good chunk of their practice time at the educational portion of the Vic Firth web site.  Vic Firth's "Rudiment Learning Sequence" is a great way to learn or tune up your rudiments.  All 40 rudiments are broken up into 4 logical quadrants, each rudiment building on the previous.  Four different levels with midi files and four different applications are available to challenge you and show your progress.

Mark Wessels' book, A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum, will undoubtedly challenge your skills and it's even great to help dust off the cob webs for the veterans.


The Vic Firth web site is loaded with tips and exercises from all of the top drummers.  Be sure to check it out today, your chops will be glad you did.


Here are a few other companies who have been outstanding in their support




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