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By William Peña - Press Agent

All it took was one music video, Sister Disco, performed by the Who during the Concert For The People Of Kampuchea.  “All I remember seeing is Kenny Jones of The Who with this huge white drum set.  Near the end of the song, he was doing these fills across a virtual wall of tom-toms and I remember thinking to myself, that looks like a lot of fun…I can do that!”

That was in 1983, and as it turns out for Dave, he did, and over 27 years later that passion is still burning as strong as ever.  “I was lucky enough to study with the great Sonny Igoe who was really the one responsible for laying the solid groundwork during my early formative years.”  Dave continued to play throughout high school in various Orchestral, Jazz, Big Band and Percussion ensembles.  “My early exposure to various types and styles of music certainly made me a better musician…not just a better drummer”.  “I learned to play WITH other musicians…to pay attention to the dynamics and to support the music I was playing with…not just bashing away playing licks, trying to make the cover of Modern Drummer” (laughs).

For six years, Dave had been the driving force behind one of the regions' top indie sensations, Friday’s Child.  He galvanized their lived show to audiences all across the US with his sold grooves and flamboyant visual stage appearance.

Dave considers himself a “perpetual student of the instrument, I am always looking to grow musically in anyway I can”.  In 2004 Dave studied with Dom Famularo in Long Island, New York.  “Dom is tremendous motivator, his enthusiasms and charisma is infectious.  You can’t help but getting fired up when you are around this guy”!  Dave worked with Dom employed some new techniques and ideas that he feels has really given his playing a lift, and new life.  Dave continues his quest to pick the brains of the best of the best, sitting down with the late, great Joe Morello and the larger than life, "Man with the Golden Groove", Bernard "Pretty" Purdie.

Dave continues an active teaching schedule which he includes many of the concepts learned from Dom as well utilizing the wealth of educational tools made available to him courtesy of the Vic Firth company, where Dave is an artist endorser as well as a member of their prestigious Educational Team.  Dave has been performing an increasing number of drum clinics at area schools and still finds time to volunteer a few hours a week to teaching underprivileged children.  Recently, Dave has performed locally in productions of Godspell, Bells Are Ringing, Once Upon A Mattress, Annie Get Your Gun and Bye Bye Birdie. His present band, Armed For Flight, has been rapidly gaining notoriety within the college circuit and are hard at work on their debut CD to be released in 2011.

Dave proudly endorses Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Rhythm Tech Percussion and XL Specialty Percussion Cases.

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